The Social Success in School bulling prevention is comprised of these components:

  • How should children feel when they are at school
  • What is friendship
  • When kids have friendly and unfriendly moments
  • The difference between conflict and bullying
  • Gray Zone behaviors – what are they and do they matter
  • Tattling vs. telling
  • Who to tell and how to tell when you need help from an adult
  • Does everyone need to be friends
  • Walking and talking strong – practice during session
  • Tips for being friendly
    • How to join a group to play
    • What to do once you join the group to play
    • The importance of being flexible
    • Including others and embracing differences (including learning differences and gender fluidity)
    • Talk, walk and ask
    • How to defend yourself when someone is unkind
    • Having good sportsmanship
    • Thinking of others
    • Preventing friendship fires
    • Choices are powerful
    • What are flip flop friends and how to handle them
  • Session ends with Chat Ball activity to reinforce comprehension of key points


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