The Durability of True Friendship

By Nadine Briggs and Donna Shea

We’re back!

The pandemic caused us both to make some changes but we’re still here and still helping kids with their social skills.

We have both coached on friendship for decades and written 7 books that have improved the social lives of children and teens worldwide. This particular blog, though, is about our own friendship.

Business advisors have repeatedly told us that our friendship would never endure our business partnership. We both run social skills centers in our local area which could have gotten sticky over the years. But since we have great respect for each other, we have worked through those sticky times. We even navigated our friendship when the pandemic blurred the lines for us even further. Relationships are our life’s work and we feel like we practice what we coach on in our social skills programs and write about in our books.

For some things, we have very different approaches and for other things, we feel like we think with the same brain. We have an uncanny sense of knowing when the other needs some space. But when one of us is dealing with a challenge, the other is always there. Literally always.

We have found ways to pivot and shift and succeed through weird and challenging times. For us, we are not driven by monetary goals so we are thoroughly focused on how to help kids connect. Our friendship is stronger than the challenges we face and we are an example of durability in friendship.