Have You Lost Your Sparkle?

believe in youselfBy Nadine Briggs

Have you ever felt as though you have lost your “sparkle”? That thing inside of  you that you were known for? Your quality that was known for its awesomeness? Maybe you were known for being a great listener and now have trouble focusing. Or you were so organized that you kept everything running so smoothly and now you are forgetting appointments and your house is a mess. Or maybe it’s something that you can’t quite describe but a feeling of not being yourself. Perhaps so much has been asked of you for so long that you are beginning to forget what that sparkle was.

How do you get your sparkle back?

1. Spend time with people who knew you when – reminisce and remember your glory days. Laugh and enjoy being in contact with old friends. A weekend with them would be ideal, but if that is not manageable then call, email, text, Skype, make it happen.

2. Tell those who care about you that you feel as though you have lost your sparkle. Maybe the people that care about you the most can help you find it by discussing what’s going on in your life and what they can see from the outside looking in. Those closest to you might even be able to take on some of the things that are burdening you.

3. Take time to re-group. Plan a trip away either with friends or alone. Go to a spa, or hiking, have an adult game night or even just an afternoon of shopping. Whatever helps you unplug for a bit and relax.

4. Allow time for dreaming. Imagine a time in the future when your children won’t need you as much (most of our kids may need us always, but with the right supports, not the same way as they do now). Imagine where you would like to travel or a hobby you would like to try. Even if you have no idea when or if you will ever be able to do it, allow yourself to dream anyway.

5. Remember that your sparkle is never truly gone, it’s just a little tired. You will always be you no matter what life throws at you. Donna’s and my favorite quote is from Dr. Seuss “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Whether you quietly sparkle in your corner of the world, are a star among many or that supernova change maker, there are inevitable times when life can be more challenging than we feel we can handle. We promise you, you still have that sparkle and you have the power to bring it back.

Sparkle on!!!